Jessica Biel Bikini Body With Cardio Trap


There are a lot of people who fall into a cardio trap and choose to do cardio exercise and only cardio exercise to lose weight. If this is you, take note: muscle is what gives your body shape and proportion. You can whittle away by eating less and you can whittle away even more by only doing cardio exercise, but you can lose all the fat in the world and not look fit if you don’t have definition or shape to your body, which only muscles can give. Cardiovascular activity is the best way to get lean and sleek, but if you want to shape your body as well, you need to incorporate strength training.

Jessica+Biel+Bikini+body+01.jpg Jessica+Biel+Bikini+body+02.jpg

Back in the 80s people thought being thin was attractive. Today, being fit is the ticket! Would you rather look like Molly Ringwald circa 1984 or Jessica Biel circa 2008?