Kim Kardashian Shares Her Swimsuit Tips


Kim Kardashian has posted some tips on her blog on finding the perfect bikini this summer - as you can see Kim found a flattering Sassi purple ruffle string bikini for her voluptuous figure. Kim suggests wearing tie bottoms, since she has a hard time finding bottoms that fit her derrière. She also suggests buying a size that fits you and not squeezing into a bikini that’s too tight (thanks Kim).

Here are some more tips from Kim Kardashian:

1. Sunscreen is way more important than you think! You need it even if you aren’t going to the beach!

2. Accessories like big sunglasses, which not only shade you from the sun, but are fabulous when you have no make up on and want to hide a little bit!

3. A great pair of flip flops… my casual favorite are Havianas and for a little more dressy its Mystique sandals.

4. A beach cover up. My favorite is a sarong! It covers up the bottom half so you can walk around and not feel too naked, yet it doesn’t cover you up on top, so you still get a good tan.

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