Lindsay Lohan rings in New Year with a sexy bikini

Lindsay Lohan+sexy bikiniLindsay Lohan rang in the New Year by putting on a bikini and hanging out on South Beach in Florida. And she doesn’t look half bad. Nice body, but a bit much on the freckles. Nice to see pictures of Lindsay surface where she isn’t in a bar drinking. Check out the rest of these Lindsay Lohan pictures.

Lindsay Lohan+sexy bikini_01 Lindsay Lohan+sexy bikini_03 Lindsay Lohan+sexy bikini_04 Lindsay Lohan+sexy bikini_07 lindsaylohan-5.jpg lindsaylohan-6.jpg lindsaylohan-7 lindsaylohan-8.jpg lindsaylohan.jpg lindsaylohan-2.jpg lindsaylohan-3.jpg Lindsaysexybikini_0176